What is Godzilist?

Godzilist is and are “top 5’s”on any and every subject.

Godzilist’s goal is to list all the “top 5’s” on every imaginable subject ranging from the highest summits of the world to the best selling albums of all time, restaurants around the world with the most stars in 2015, celebrities with the largest number of social media followers.

Today Godzilist has over 8,000 references available, not bad to start out with, but no way close enough on the scale of our ambitions. However starting tomorrow and with your help all that can change into so much and many more.

The Godzilist are “top 5’s” linked to what is in the news and happing around the world every day.

Each day Godzilist publishes “top 5’s” using the news as its source. Examples:
News headline: Roger Feder regains his place as number one.
Godzitop: Who are the number one tennis players of all time?
News headline: François Holland fires Jean-Marc Ayrault.
Godzitop: Who are prime ministers that have stayed the shortest amount of time in office under the Vème République?
News headline: Apple release new iPhone.
Godzitop: Which are the most sold smartphones in the world?

With Godzilist you can “like” and share your favourite top 5 and create your own top 5 and share them too!

Simply sign in as a user and you can create your top 5 on any subject:
favourite restaurants in Paris, my playlist of the moment, my favourite summer dresses, the teacher you appreciate the least, however watch out as at Godzilist we do not want any inappropriate content that could offend or shock.

Our GodziGuests

Godzilist will invite celebrities known to general public: artists, actors, singers, political figures, notorious chefs and many more in the public eye.
Our GodziGuests will have equally created their own favourite Godzitops: books, bistros, films and our GodziGuests will be reachable on our homepage.

Godzilist has three founders: Matt Bioul, Mike Goosens and David Dzialowski.
We equally thank to earlier Godzilisters with without whom, Godzilist would not have come to be. Thank you Cédric de San and Michel Launoit.

For any further information please contact us here info@godzilist.com

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